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Re: Cheaters!!!

Cleadus Van****
I love this!!! Every one that blogs on this site kid is going to the NHL, I Know. Every other kid sucks, is a bender, and should be cut. Oh I forgot "go play town hockey". Its amazing the intelligence level on this site. Its also amazing that someone gets vilified for pointing out another organization trying to cheat the rules that are clearly established. While the organization and coaches who are clearly wrong get a free pass. Parents are paying thousands of dollars to play Elite EHF Hockey. In return parents and players should at least know the rules are being followed by every team in the league. Regardless of your opinion on the matter the rules are in black and white and posted for everyone to see.

This board provides extreme value to the normal among us that get to peek inside the crazy brain of the guy beating on the boards telling his 7-year old to skate harder. Kind of like a Trump sign in someone's front yard. Use it to your advantage.

Re: Cheaters!!!

How did u know there was a trump sign on my front lawn

Re: Cheaters!!!

WB and OM looked pretty good together at BJE tryouts last night MOM! SCARY!!!!!

Re: Cheaters!!!

You were obviously at the tryout.
Is your son on the team?
Or are you worried WB will take his spot?

Re: Cheaters!!!

Hope neither just heard from the grapevine in this small hockey community of ours MOM! At least you can see WB play summer hockey with the kid from Albany and then watch him put up a 5 spot evevytime he plays your terriers next year! Keep it real MOM! Guess you were wrong

Re: Cheaters!!!

you two guys are truly pathetic....