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Re: Shamrock Predictions

What a joke, a middle of the pack town kid wouldn't be picked to play for those guys. The one thing those kids do well is recruit players. And if you say "ah they are just a money grab" of course they are it's a business and they like to make money ! Who doesn't?

Re: Shamrock Predictions


Let's hear em

Money grab by joke progranms... my kid played on a jr Whalers team in the Shamrock last season. He's an 02 and plays town. Some college kid showed up, handed out jerseys and socks and stood on bench with arms folded all 4 games. As far as talent my kids an average town player and he was best out there. Don't waste your $175. The only thing that is a bigger joke is the NE Future Stars LOL!!!!

Axe to grind????

Re: Shamrock Predictions

Duh. By no means is the spring league leading anywhere, but if your kid wants to play w friends they don't normally play with, then have at it. It's a fun time for them. It's not serious hockey. Have fun and play w friends.

Re: Shamrock Predictions

Never mind the hockey! I want to know which one of you benders stole Me Lucky Charms.