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Re: Tier I is better than Elite.... or versa visea ?

The Tier 1 name is only a couple years old. It's ridiculous really. In EHF world, Tier 1 means Tier 2. So the "Tier 1" teams being referred to on this site are what the EHF used to call "AAA". Which, of course, wasn't accurate back then either since the EHF AAA was really AA.

There's also something called Premier, which in the MPDHL is the highest tier of play, a notch above Elite.

If we're talking the way almost every other region in North American classifies, we have EHF and E9 as the only Tier 1/AAA leagues in New England. The rest are Tier 2, but with a wide variation in skill level from very good to very bad.

great answer