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Youth Hockey
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Re: Crimson hockey

Do you want them to go to Walpole Express? Sleazeball had 5 teams on the 03.
Lets do the math $3500.00 per kid
15 kids per team
$52,500 per team
$262,500 for 03 only
Next you buy all the official bags, shirts, jackets, etc. What a deal 4000+- for town hockey, hahahaha
complaining about a new organization?? At least they have half real hockey in EHF.
MPDHL is nothing more than town hockey. Every organization has it's flaws, some just more than others. My kid plays prep so not cut here

Re: Crimson hockey

You still have not buried the hatchet on this? Please make this your last post trying to discredit this program.

Re: Crimson hockey

Whose beating what? Who the hell would pay three thousand dollars more (than town) for their kid to play in the Yankee Conference. The same conference as town! 60 kids on the ice during skills, ya thats worth it. I bailed on that program as soon as the boat started taking on water.

Re: Crimson hockey

The hatchet was buried when we left last year. More of just a buyer beware. Saw writing on the wall with yet another name change. The problem is the owner is still ripping people off. Too many legitimate options out there for players. Pick on the Express all you want they at least have ice. Much better situation for people.

Re: Crimson hockey - SOLD

Boch bought them for twice the value of org, a snickers bar.

Re: Crimson hockey - SOLD

Honestly, who are these people? Is this even a real program?