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Re: E9/BHL Power Move

Mass defection from the Mass Premier to the E9/BHl by the Monarchs, Outlaws, Chiefs, NE Stars, Rifles and Hurricanes all headed to the E9/BHL at all age levels for next year. Patriots, Jr Bruins, Northstars and Riverhawks all leaving at the older levels. Rumor has it Express owner not wanted in any league and Boch getting the boot from E9/BHL and headed to Mass Premier or Fed Tier 1.

Those teams are not good enough to play in the E9/BHL.

Re: E9/BHL Power Move

Total nonsense. At least get the teams right when you make something up. Rifles are already in BHL, Northstars and Riverhawks are not in BHL at all to even leave. You are an idiot.

Re: E9/BHL Power Move

they can barely play in the mass premier what makes you think they could participate in the e9/bhl

Re: E9/BHL Power Move

This is accurate information. They're trying to eliminate local competition. Like the Fed it's all about the number of teams that pay dues