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Re: stick

Those are this year's models and the $100 sticks are last year's. Same sticks, different graphics & colors.

Re: stick

Total waste of money. Buy no name brands online for way cheaper.

Re: stick

I agree, my kid has had some good luck with the knock-off cheap-o's out of China.

The rankings are like this -

The Bower Vampoor - Good flex, breaks near the hozzle a few carbon splinters but overall pretty good. Derk Dangler special. ****

The Readbook S2 - Ordered a 67 flex and got what seems to be a 20 flex ramen noodle stick, first shot went over the glass but he's since dialed it in - bar down twig if there ever was one. Sniper rifle. ***

The Wearier Convert - Last stick we ordered came with no discernible curve so he can play left or right handed, good graphics of Mao Tse-tung up the shaft, came extra sticky grip. **

The CMM Sunburner - Didn't order it due to the all red graphics and the reputation for shattering all over the ice. Would recommend wearing a full window with this one as the shrapnel can get into your eyes. No stars.

You can order any of these from

Re: stick

Now that's a funny post. Thanks! I bought one of these recently from a street vendor in NYC. Came with a free pair of Oekley sunglasses.

Re: stick

Love the Oekleys !!!!