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Re: North Shore Shamrocks

Sorry your wrong. At 1:28 pm today Shamrocks owner posted that the team coached by his son “could beat up on most Elite teams.”[/quote]

Who knows who the hell wrote what?? "The Shamrock's owner" LMAO. Maybe Santa Claus chimed in, too. If I had to guess, you're the most likely one who both started this thread and then wrote the "elite" thing to continue your trolling.

Get a life, pal. These are kids.

Re: North Shore Shamrocks

You know you wrote it and so do we. Looks like the Shamrocks owner is showing his true colors. He starts a thread every couple of weeks about his NS Shamrocks program and then can’t handle it when the truth comes out about how bad of a program it is.

You’re the one ripping off the kids. You net $52K per team and over $850K per year. You’re the one that needs to remember these are just kids.

Re: North Shore Shamrocks

Looks like someone has a vendetta against someone. Love reading this trash when someone is spouting off at an organization and starts calling out coaches/owners and now kids.

Re: North Shore Shamrocks

It looks like the owner was put in his place but I don't see where any kids were called out?

Re: North Shore Shamrocks

And get your facts straight. Gross 52k per team, not net. Moron.

Re: North Shore Shamrocks

The '06 Shamrocks team looks like it could beat up on most Elite teams, except the very top.

Being in the top 3 of the black doesn't mean you can hang in the elite division. Maybe you could beat the Falcons and the Bandits but thats about it. Doesn't make you elite because you can beat two teams. It's means they aren't elite either.

Re: North Shore Shamrocks

The Shamrocks couldn't beat the 06E Falcons. They were a sub- .500 team last season in Tier 1 B and couldn't even beat the Dual State River Hawks in parity, who only won 6 games all season in Tier 1 Black. They got waxed by the Tier 1-white bound Terriers (R) in the playoffs a few weeks ago, to finish 0-2 in the quarterfinal round robin of the playoffs. They've proven themselves to be an average Tier 1 team at best.