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Re: 95 Giants

I see someone has an ax to grind with the Express...seems odd that you would bring their program into your argument about Lovell... though while you call their program cowardly, it is you who hides in the dboard and anonymously runs their mouth....of course hiding the fact you were fired for incompetence by the Express... sometimes facts get in the way of a good ***** session though...No doubt your new venture will end in the same manner as your last.

Re: 95 Giants

Looks like Barletta got a little butt hurt there. I don't know why anyone would compare the two programs. Lovell is obviously far superior. I've heard of plenty being "fired" by RB, don't believe the hype. That place is a joke, lead by an even bigger joke. How many games did you play at Salem State?

Re: 95 Giants

He does? Name one....

Re: 95 Giants

Another start up team like the 03 eagles tier 1 and jr huskies in the ehf. Will start out in the lower division like the others. Not E9