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Re: MPDHL 03 Premier Parity

Problem with most of this is that organizations can't say no to another tuition payment and just keep making more and more teams. Outlaws just added second teams when they went to the MPDHL. But then they got screwed in the parity and both their teams ended up in the Elite and in the same grouping when there were two groups at the 13U level. I know MPDHL is still new at the youth level but that was kind of an obvious thing they could have fixed.

As for the Terriers, if they are going to have 5 teams at each age level, then that will happen. They should only be entering one team into the parity tournament, with the white team just playing in the White division. EHF should be saying something about that only allowing organizations to put one team in the parity. But since the Terriers are founding members, they will be allowed to do whatever they want.

yea all of the above makes sense. but since when is anything we and they do logical....