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Re: funny blog about tryouts great read for coaches

obvious he's been hit in the head a few too many times.
"This new era of hockey is pathetic. Don’t get me wrong the talent is off the chart in comparison to Old-time hockey players." So if we make our 6 yr old carry his bag, beat the **** out of other players, loose his teeth and have mediocre talent, the NHL will take him as compared to his parents carrying his bag or allowing a johnny to wheel his bag. Learn to respect his teammates, coaches, refs, other players and the game. Play with class and dignity. Treat his body the same so he can stay healthy if he chooses to play in his future. Yea, sure, this was a great article after litre or two

Re: funny blog about tryouts great read for coaches

That crack-pot has been around here for years. You can tell there is no way his kid(s) play at a very high level. My guess is Town Hockey at most which allows him and his 1960's coaching methods to coach.

Re: funny blog about tryouts great read for coaches

Wheels on bags are fine and are much better for your child's physical health. Google search the effects of heavy book bags and the damage caused to a child's spine and you will have a much better understanding of the benefits of wheels on bags. Hockey players didn't wear helmets in the past nor did goalies, should we request that our kids wear no helmets?