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Re: Hockey Advisors

I believe that Bobby Orr was the family advisor for Noah Hanifin and he is now his agent.

Re: Hockey Advisors

Correct re Hanifin and Orr - numerous agencies/agents were courting the family to serve as Noah's advisor until he turned pro. One of the big reasons these prodigies get advisors is to navigate the ladder until they are in the NHL. The Canadian Hockey League (CHL) is a junior league comprised of three leagues (think conferences for NCAA) - the WHL, OHL, and QMJHL. Any player signing a contract and playing in the CHL - regardless of which of the 3 leagues (which each have specific territory rights in the US) is deemed ineligible for the NCAA. So it is a pretty big decision for 15/16 year old prodigies (even though they are still kids) to decide which route - CHL or NCAA - makes the most sense. Advisors can help with this process and should the family pick the NCAA route these advisors help the family sort out where they should play until they enroll in college. If the family chooses the CHL the advisor can immediately become the player's agent and sign a formal contract. Once the NHL draft rolls around, regardless if the player is in the CHL or in the NCAA (or committed to the NCAA) the agent/advisor deals with the NHL teams on the player's behalf.