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Re: Rosters

Why don't you just tell us what team is blocking their roster creeper?!?

Every Fed team...creeper. Nothing wrong with knowing your competition.
"your competition?" How about your kids competition but I'm willing to bet your kid isn't checking rosters

Re: Rosters

I agree that the rosters should be posted. Some of the kids worked extremely hard to make a team and are proud of their accomplishments. My son keeps checking his teams page waiting for them to update it. Unfortunately, they still have kids that have been out of the program for three years listed. Is it wrong for a kid to want to see his name on a roster, with his team colors and his new teammates so he can show is friends and be proud of his accomplishments.

Re: Rosters

sounds like a mommy who LOVES to see the name on the back of the shirt as well!

Re: Rosters

^^^Sounds like she "worked" really hard to get her kid on that team

Re: Rosters

^^^Sounds like she "worked" really hard to get her kid on that team

Sounds like you are speaking from experience