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Re: 05 caps

Not saying they will be better then Caps but keep an eye on the 05 Saints.
Had a few good drafts and retained their main horse. Look to be much better than last year.

Re: 05 caps

That 05 group is a good group overall. Watching some of those players across many leagues it seems like there must have been something funny going on because that age group is extremely deep. RI, Mass Ct top level teams all very good.

Re: 05 caps

Will be ranked in the top ten in the country this year.

Re: 05 caps

Their assistant coach played in the NHL for goodness sake, the head coach comes from a long line of hockey players/coaches, and has an even-keeled approach. Take a deep breath, this team will be fine. Talk to me at the end of the season. No implosion zone!