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Youth Hockey
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Re: Capitals kicked out of USPHL?

not true
The Caps U16 team had been in the league for two years and finished in third place both years and were very good. They had a Jr. team in the Elite Division they had to fold because of lack of players. They sold it to some team in New York. They were going to do U16 and U18 this season but decided to just get rid of the whole program as it was not working and teams were not getting filled by the coaches. Don't let facts get in the way of your agenda though.

Caps, U16 Elite Division, USPHL? Kinda like when a tree falls in the woods, does anyone hear it, or does anyone care

USPHL is pretty good hockey isn't it?


Re: Capitals kicked out of USPHL?

Selects Academy, Jr Bruins, a few others are pretty good right? Don't they compete vs nationally ranked u16 and u18 teams?

Re: Capitals kicked out of USPHL?

Yes they do. Every jack ass comes on here and wants to trash everyone else's league or teams. Not every kid is Jack Eichel and soon enough they will also realize it when little Johnny ends up playing men's league like most other hockey players.