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Re: 95 Giants join Boston Hockey League and Elite 9 Hockey

Now you are really drinkng the kool aid, Tier 1 black is a joke with there 13 team divisions, maybe one or two teams could compete in the E9, so stop it. I will admit that most top teams at the EHF are better than E9 but the black division is a joke. The only two elite programs in New England are E9 and EHF, Tier one is just town level at best.

I will concede E9 is better than EHF Tier 1 Black overall - but it's closer than you want to believe, compadre! In most years, the top 4 or 5 EHF Black teams could play in the E9, with some of the best Black teams being near the top in the E9.

Agreed and the top 5 E9 teams could easily compete in the EHF Elite, - much better than those bottom dregs (Jr Falcons, Top Gun, Terriers, etc, please) - given the top 2 or 3 EHF Elite teams at each age are the best. But I would put most the VJW E9 teams up there with those Top 2 or 3

Re: 95 Giants join Boston Hockey League and Elite 9 Hockey

both 95 Giants and Lovell Knights are still scrambling for tuitions...I mean players..