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Youth Hockey
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Re: New Hampshire hockey

Monarchs have the better group at the older levels - Bantam and up. Just excepted into the Tier 1 elite league with U14/U15/U16 and U18. One of the best Bantam/Midget leagues in the country.

Was that Excepted or Accepted?

Re: New Hampshire hockey

'04 Avs and TG did play in Salem late in the season, 5-3 TG

Re: New Hampshire hockey

When was that? MyHockeyRankings doesn't have it, nor does the Avs website. The Fed doesn't allow scrimmages, and Top Gun never allows their teams to play the Avs unless it's a tourney.

Give us some facts.

Re: New Hampshire hockey

It was a scrimmage. Not posted on a website, and I guess nobody who witnessed it reported it to MHR.

Re: New Hampshire hockey

Seacoast Spartans Rule!

Re: New Hampshire hockey

Monarchs U14/U15/U16/U18 teams all suck. U14 plays tier II hockey. U15 is non-existent, U16 and U18 teams played in the ECEHL (whatever the hell that league is). Yeah, they are better at the older ages.