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Re: Elite players in Town hockey

I'm an 06 "elite" dad and I can't stand the elite nonsense. Some of the worse people around behind your back

Re: Elite players in Town hockey

Your right about the disconnect, but it's not because of bad ice times and daddy coaches. It because these whack job 05/06 parents fled town hockey in mass in mites because they didn't want their kids playing the USA Hockey ADM cross ice hockey that the rest of the country has been using for over a decade. (Hum....has anyone checked how many MA kids were on the U18 national team roster lately?) I guess I'd be angry too if I'd been "forced" to pay for "select" hockey since before my kid could even tie his own skates. (And probably still can't) So forgive them for not knowing that some parents kept their kids in town hockey (oh the horror), or that many kids actually do play both town and "select" at the Pee Wee and Bantam level and there's nothing wrong with that, and that the upper level valley league, particularly at the Bantam level, is very solid (and physical) hockey. (Bantam is 02/03 this year for you "select" only types that only deal in birth year.) So let's all ease up on them. They've had it tough bouncing from program to program with their kids looking for a home. Give them a little time to figure out that in 2 to 3 years other kids will be allowed to hit their kids back (1 to 2 years if they play Valley League middle school hockey) that the E9 doesn't even exist after U14 (02 birth year this year for you "selectively" challenged parents) and that "select" hockey is a big money grab, even if it does give you a little better bump in competition over the minor year town teams. The only thing we ask of you in return is to please stop making asses out of yourselves in the rink and on the board, and just let your kids have some fun playing a great game. If they're lucky (and healthy) enough, hopefully they still want to and be able enjoy playing in high school.

I'd say, the stronger the reaction your reaction is on her the bigger the ego of the parent. Judging by the above. You have one hell of an ego...

Sorry to touch a nerve with you 06 dad but it time to grow up. It's kids playing a game at whatever level or league they play in. (Some just cost more than others.) I hope all of your hockey dreams come true.

I am just here for the entertainment value....