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Youth Hockey
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Wow some touchy people here! Nobody ever said EJ is Elite you dummies! Try comprehending what is written. Basic statements about leagues have a clue! If you don't like the league take your small centered brain and debate about who's better E9 or Fed elsewhere. Keep living through your kids, you do realize you don't actually play for these youth teams right? Sure your the dad's walking around with team gear at the rinks! TOOLS! and no my kid's not a bender and I'm not a Hurricane parent.


As for the EJ teams being strong, well the ones in NY, NJ, and PA are. The 20 from around here are garbage like your New England Jr Hurricanes organization. I would put the following orgs in this category of being garbage:

First, at the youth level
cp dynamos
nh monarchs
northern cyclones
RI Hitmen
Cisco Bay
NS Wings
new england jr. hurricanes
maine moose
new england wolves

then at the midget and up level (Which don't even have 20 teams from around here in it, I'm not including the Connecticut teams).
NS Wings (Org does not even have youth teams anymore)
nh monarchs
nh avalanche (BTW, youth teams play in the E9/BHL)
boston bandits (BTW, youth teams play in the Fed)

Hell you have teams from California in this idiotic league. How the hell does that work?

That is a real strong league you got going there. EJ and MPDHL should just fold.

My son has played E9, Fed Elite, as well as some lower leagues and town. The problem is that there is so much demand for an alternative to town hockey that all of these teams ( and in step many leagues) have cropped up. This in of itself is not a bad thing! The problem is that the Two Powerhouse leagues have their own agendas and self interests in mind. Maybe it is good business but certainly not good for all. They are protecting themselves as a league ( Quality Brand) and as individual organizations ( Territory) by controlling who they allow in and what level they place them in. The Programs that want to make a run of it are forced to create their own leagues, join a lesser league or play as independents. Much tougher to sell the parents on the quality of the program and the opportunity to develop the players when everybody is sh**tting on their NEW program. Countries like Finland work together developing ALL the kids early and then allowing the clubs to compete against each other later on. It's too bad we will never be able make the necessary changes ( Socialist vs Capitalistic countries). Our society would never allow for that type of collaboration.


This is an example of an idiot parent or an owner/youth organization director who keeps telling himself the EJ is better. There are stupid people everywhere.