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Youth Hockey
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Re: Coaching

I think it depends a little on age but my experience has been NO for many reasons but primarily because they struggle to teach things in a way that kids can understand & consume.

Re: Coaching

I think he meant Jerry York .

I was thinking the same thing. If they weren't a powerhouse but just mediocre , I would still love my kid to play for him. Denehey seems cut from they same cloth

Re: Coaching

Exactly how low an IQ do you have to have to be from the Boston area and not know the difference between Jack Parker and Jerry York?

Somebody find out who this guy's kid is and cut him.

Re: Coaching

a good youth hockey coach needs to have played competitive hockey but not at the highest levels. Its more important to be an effective educator and communicator. At the squirt and peewee level, it's also important for the coach to be able to demonstrate the drills/ skills he expects from his players. I've seen too many coaches who do not correct fundamental skating, stick handling issues because they, themselves are simply not aware and don't recognize it.

Re: Coaching

my son had coaches like that at the breakers and the practices were painful to watch. They also got rid of the guy who ran the skills and the skills are terrible now

Re: Coaching

They should hire a kid who is working elsewhere like BA and over pay him.