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Re: 06 Brick Team

Well Mr. 7:19pm your post certainly back fired on you and you look like a fool. Carry on now!

Re: 06 Brick Team

I'm trying tp thaw my fingers out after my hot sjower. Game was great, 12-1 threee Anda half hours and I caught a foul balll off my shin. Got to get my hands back undet the fausett,

Re: 06 Brick Team

also need to get back to complete third grade so that you could spell 'faucet' correctly

Re: 06 Brick Team

I think his hands were still frozen....or didn't you pick that up?

Re: 06 Brick Team

My kid and I watched the brick last summer and he was so excited that he wanted to try out the following summer. As try outs approached he changed his mind for admirable reasons and probably saved me the try out fee of $300 bucks cuz talking to a few parents from behind the scenes, it appears that the team was mostly picked before try outs. Despite knowing that I think it would have been fun for him to compete against other pretty good kids. Competition brings the best (and sometimes the worst) out of people and I'm curious how my son would have reacted not making the team.

Re: 06 Brick Team

You guys sound really petty and pathetic

I couldn't agree more!

Re: 06 Brick Team

Yeah, because had seguin, towes and stamkos not gone they wouldn't be where they are today.