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Re: 05 Eagles vs Advantage Ice

Admit it
Admit it
Stop It
Never happened. Two quality teams last year but that game never happened stop trying to stir the pot...Onto to baseball and lacrosse and then the 2016-17 hockey season. Stop looking back and start look forward:)

Sounds like you are an Eagles parent that can't admit to the loss.

Wow, talk about delusional! Everyone knows this never happened! Ice beat eagles 1st game of the season when they had played 2 tournaments and eagles legit 1st game and that was the only time they played each other..

Keep being delusional though, works for you!

So they beat them once and that doesn't count. And the second loss didn't happen.
"It's not a lie if you belive it"

ummmmm did anyone say that it "didn't count"?
and yes, the 2nd loss never happened because they never played each other again

just stating facts man, but if you want to keep thinking that they beat the Eagles after the season you keep believing it man!

Re: 05 Eagles vs Advantage Ice

Teams played 1 week after the season was over Ice won the game. 5-2. It was played in Raynham on the Saturday after Eagles won the Efed title. Everyone knows what and when it went down but nobody is talking...

You REALLY need to get a life