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Re: Blue Chip

Can someone please explain to me what constitutes a "money grab" vs a non "money grab" as it relates to youth hockey. It is always said in a manner that would leave you to believe that someone is committing a crime.

I think if an owner/rink/tournament is not providing what they promote, then we are OK to call it a money grab. For instance, "Come to the Bender Showcase at NESC to skate in front of NCAA Division 1 coaches and over 25 prep coaches from throughout New England." And then it turns out to be Minuteman Flames EMHL tryouts. That would be a money grab. I admit that one sounds pretty obvious, but there are shades of gray.

I think in the case of the Blue Chip, an expectation has been created by parents that there is some sort of promotional benefit to playing their kid in this tournament (which is ridiculous, of course). I'm not sure if this comes from the tournament people, or the fact that quite a few of the top players in the region end up playing on the Blue Chip Selects team. Anyway, I would vote that this tournament is not a money grab, but a well run spring tournament that doesn't purport to give you "exposure" to scouts or prep coaches, only to provide your kid a place to play some semi-competitive spring hockey.