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Re: Changing demographics and hockey

The notion that an Asian kid can't be a team player is moronic. Believe it or not but they actually play hockey in Asia and other team sports. I know right. It's impossible but true. The issue sounds more like a parental one than a cultural one. The kid is listening to his dad who is doing something that I have seen white, black, brown and purple dads do and that's to tell his kid to score goals. You deal with that like any other coach would deal with it and you bench the kid.

As a minority I have sometimes wondered if people see my kid as a kid who plays hockey or as a minority kid who happens to play hockey and by some of the responses I've seen on here some parents feel it's the latter. I'm not going to go so far as to say it's racist. That word gets thrown around way too much and has lost its meaning but I will say its ignorant to generalize to such a degree.

Wait....Purple? Like Angry Purple because dad is screaming his head off telling the kids to do the exact opposite of the coach, or like Barney purple? fact is every level has kids that are not good teammates and not good listeners. It was the same way 30 years ago when i played. We had kids who thought they were too good for everyone else and wouldn't pass and others who were fine. fact of the matter is these people all play beer league hockey now and the passers still pass and hogs still hog. nothing cultural about.

Re: Changing demographics and hockey

Well said!

Re: Changing demographics and hockey

My kid plays with a white American kid that tries to go end to end on every possession. Why would anyone think his selfish play has anything to do with his culture or language? My kid played with a Czech kid who's probably the worst teammate anyone could ask for. Played for goals only, no assists, no defense. Is that a statement on Caucasians and his Eastern European parents? why is this even up for discussion? It has zero to do with PC, It's an opportunity to be a racial flamer.

Re: Changing demographics and hockey

I'll let you know the next (first time) I run into this issue with a German, Czech, Swedish, of Finish kid. That is not where the demographics are going and I'm not saying any of this is a bad thing. It just presents some challenges is my point. There have already been some good Asian players. The Du kid from Harvard and Yip from BU are the ones that come to mind. 10-15 years there are going to be a lot more so long as we are able to teach the game the right way.

Re: Changing demographics and hockey

I'm seeing more at the younger ages who don't pass or play defense and are absolutely uncoachable.
Anyone else dealing with this?

I see this on every team I coach from LTS to Mite to Midget to HS in all demographics and nationalities ? Nothing new...