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Re: When does it matter, and why?

Beatcuff - you have no idea what you are talking about. Players do get recruited and do commit to college as early as middle school.

you made two statements in one, showing you do not understand the difference:

any player (parent) can 'commit' to any school they want. doing so does not make it so and has no standing.

commitments from coaches vary with each having its own 'standing'. there is a big difference from a coach SAYING "we'd love to have you play for us" v a coach handing a commitment document (and that only starts the process). yet many think/act as if they are the same.

fine maybe there is a player or two that were 'noticed' in middle school: the level of JE of Sabers and JW of CC and maybe you can name 10 (doubtful) but out of.... thousands... in this state alone. you know that CC had over 100 tryout? even then notice and talk and in writing are very different.

then again i have 'no idea', all my interactions with college coaches are... watching commitments being pulled are 'impossible'.

and so now you will 'pressure' your child because he is 'falling behind'. the other poster is correct your middle schooler has to stand out v top high school players to get 'noticed'.

how about enjoy the ride, it will be over way faster than you think. besides if he is really good enough what difference does it make if he gets his 'ticket' at 14, 17 or 19 -- he got it.