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Re: Beantown Naps

Looking at the teams this looks pretty good most of the 03 and 02 teams are going to be competitive.

I have been to a NAPS tournament this past weekend. Let me start off by saying: it was for fun, my kid is 10, no aspirations and I am fully aware that this tournament would qualify for the money grab moniker. I generally think summer tourneys at that age are a complete waste of time and money, but my kid thought it was cool to play against Midwest/Canadian teams. Based on that experience:

teams were from Philly, Pittsburg, DC, Florida and Canada. Generally I think there is a size and speed difference at that age to MA teams. Think BA teams, great skaters just bigger and stronger. Parents are crazy everywhere.

Depending on what your kids age is, I would not play in a Boston tournament against teams that have the same kids you play all year anyway. But then again, I believe tournaments at the age of 10, 11 and 12 should be for team building and nothing else. Also any tournament that admits a Whalers teams loses the qualification of being competitive. :)