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Re: Delusional Hockey Parent self-test part 1

Ok lets look at the statistics
60 Division one college teams in US, again that number might be a little high but lets play with it.
Lets say each school can give 24 scholarships, again I think that number is high, but for the fun of it that gives 1,440.
So if we break that up into 4 years we have 360 scholarships. But the majority of those scholarships go to kids playing in the EHF Elite, so that will leave you with very few. Now colleges give over 1 million academic scholarships a year, that a free ride, people. But then again its kinda hard to live through your kid for academics.

I just puked in my mouth I was laughing so hard . Perfect topic for you to post on , you sir are delusional .

FYI most scholarships do NOT go to EHF elite players .

Re: Delusional Hockey Parent self-test part 1

I think you guys missed the sarcasm of "most of the scholarships go to EHF Elite kids." The point he was attempting to make, I think, is that for the parents looking at hockey as an investment, they would have a better return on that investment pursuing academic excellence than hockey. We all know the delusional parents and in my experience, they are a very small minority but some like to think that 95% of parents believe their kids are going somewhere beyond HS with hockey. They are, it's called beer leagues.

I assume that folks starting these types of threads are simply a parent that choose not to let their kid play select/elite hockey for whatever reason and need to justify their decision.