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Re: Playing Multiple Sports


Are you saying you're son is a multi-sport athlete who's now a year or two into the high school experience and he's going to choose to focus on hockey? If so, good for him! That's the point of this whole thred. Encourage them in all of their academic and athletic endeavors and let THEM make the choice in high school. My little spawn, as you say, is also enjoying his high school experience playing three sports. HIS choice as long as he keeps up his GPA. Sorry to disappoint you about the manager thing. Nice try though.
No, I pretty clearly said that he chose to give up other sports a few years ago, trains for and plays hockey year round, and only is continuing in other sports because he has to.

Hate having to repeat myself. Maybe I should use all caps and skip every other line for you?

Did you not say he's in prep school playing multiple sports. Doesn't matter what they are. Prep schools espouse the student athlete theory. There's a reason for that. Tell him to enjoy it.