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Re: Youth Hockey Parents: Will you watch the draft, and why?

I like it, I like it. Just remember to time the delivery of your offspring to have that much needed Jan-Feb-March birthday!!!! But then again every ex-player should know that trick.

Re: Youth Hockey Parents: Will you watch the draft, and why?

Pack their bags, hang-out in college playing for the next 3-4 years, have a lot of fun, take your game to Europe. . .

Sounds good to me!! Four years of college hockey, than play in Sweden or Switzerland for 10-15 years at $100k + a year ( tax free) . Come home for summers, work some camps, work out, hit the beach. When you figure its time to call it, find a beautiful European ( Preferbly Athletic )wife , start a family, go into coaching. Sounds like a winning plan, eh?

This does sound great. This boy would have "lived the dream". But after all of this he is 40 years old and still has another 20-25 years of working to support his family.

So few ever draw a paycheck playing hockey, but many fewer make enough to retire when their body gives out and their hockey career ends. My point: stay in school. Even better: work in the off-season so you are not entry level at 40.

Hockey is a terrible career choice. You have a much better chance to make a living as an actor or musician.