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Re: Turnover

That is the stupidest story ever. It's not like the mom who went out onto the ice to yell at the ref...not even close.

Someone is on the breakers!

Re: Turnover

No it's just the one guy here that is obsessed with this story and the story isn't even interesting or shocking. Some mom gets mad and went and banged on the locker room door of the visiting team or something like that.

Remember the old newspaper adage - "Dog bites man; not news. Man bites dog; news" An angry hockey mom is 'dog bites man'...not 'news.'

Re: Turnover

I find it pretty funny myself

Re: Turnover

getting back to the OP,

Are the Breakers really that bad? Are they the dregs of the league or do they actually compete against better teams?

Reason I ask is my son is probably going to try out for select at the end of the coming season and they were one of the teams I was thinking of.

'06 Tier 1 won their EHF league title.

Moved up to Black in parity as well.

Coach is excellent.

I have heard nothing but good things about tier 1 coach, most think he should be taking over for the 06 elite coaches. Heard nothing good about the 06 elite coaches

Re: Turnover

Not sure what EHF programs offer this top notch competition you speak of or if that is just something that gets repeated so often that people believe it is true. The programs that are somewhat local to us are just bad, and its not competition if you cant even compete with the teams your playing against because the program is bad.

I see kids from all over and different programs play together, do skills together and do evals together and I have never noticed that top kids all play for EHF teams. My experience has been quite the opposite but what do I know.

Do you really think that if your kid has sub par skills at a sub par program but plays in the EHF they are getting better than a kid who plays at another program like BA and plays their games in the BHL ???

and I for one will not pay for a program that requires me to go to another program and pay for walk on skills so that my kid can actually get better, surely not at the mite, squirt or peewee level !

You are either full of crap or totally misinformed. Its one or the other. I would say at least 95% of the top local players play in the EHF.

Yes, your right, 95% of the top Squirt and PeeWee players do play in the EHF. See what that gets you once they are high school age.

Re: Turnover

At one point or another good players will play in various leagues for various programs various coaches, high the end no one really cares. Even some of the local stars (Eichel, Donato, Hannifin...) that have moved on have numerous teams they played for like private teams, tournament teams, EHF teams, BA teams, National team, Junior teams prep teams, high school teams so to hang it all on the EHF is really silly unless your kid is < 12 then you have no idea what you are in for but you will quickly learn.

EHF is a good place to play but it's not the only place.