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Youth Hockey
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Re: Naps

Agree. "I'll hand you the tournament fee check when I see a printed roster" should be every parent's motto.

It should be a nice printed booklet with rosters/schools/etc. for the $20 ripoff charge they get for the gate fee.

They obviously know we will tolerate it because we all stand for it ( Myself included).

Imagine paying $3,000 for a full season team and then have to pay $15 for a .50 cent sticker for your helmet that promotes THEIR PROGRAM!!! Out of principle, i decline!!! I would rather be charged $3,025 and have them throw the sticker in as a parting gift!

Yet, we keep going back to the well.

They make you pay extra for the helmet stickers ??? that is hilarious. It is mainly hilarious because that means that they are not part of the mandatory uniform and the parents only buy them so they can have the "pro" stickers and proudly display what organization they play for.

Here is a tip : if your organization is charging you for helmet stickers, or even jerseys and socks in addition to your tuition, then I am willing to bet the focus is on $$$ and not development.

Let me be crystal clear - there isn't one program that focuses on development over $$$. Not one.

They are all about money first! Sure they like to develop kids but that is a distant second to development. The fact that they charge for helmet stickers just shows their arrogance and idiocy! Or maybe it's our idiocy because we still pay. The only programs that put any kid first is the program who's owner has a child in the program. The only kid they care about is their own and then maybe the kids on his team (MAYBE). Even the best coaches (people) are guilty of this, no matter how hard they try to convince you otherwise.

We are a capitalist society and a youth hockey program is like any other business. Finland is more of a socialist society and treat their youth programs as such.

Even USA Hockey, a Non-Profit, has their own agenda. Yes, they want to develop kids but more so want to fund their agenda.

Re: Naps

Let me polish up the crystal bit for you and fill you in that there were ZERO (0) scouts at BT Naps so whoever is crying about no rosters don't worry your kid wasn't missed by anyone.