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Youth Hockey
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Re: " the Brick"

Youth hockey is like owning a boat, "B.O.A.T. - Bring Out Another Thousand." Money is no object and never try to make economic sense of can't.

Agreed, but the real questions is how best to allocate those thousands you spend?


Re: " the Brick"

I'd rather use the money to fund another three years of youth hockey. I think the aggregate experience of three years worth of youth hockey memories would far outweigh a week of tournament hockey in Canada, doesn't matter what tournament it is or how good the players are.
Those aren't the "either/or" choices I would have picked.

How about play in one tournament or buy 85 hours of 1 on 1 skills?

Once again, if you want your kid to get better then of course the 85 hours of 1 on 1 skills would be a better choice. If you want your kid to have fantastic memories of playing in the best youth hockey tournament in the world then you go to the Brick. Go ask any kid that has played in the Brick and ask them if they would do it again and 100% will say it was the best hockey experience they have ever had.

Experiences are really important and not to be minimized, but hard work, dedication, commitment will open more doors to increase your opportunities to have more experiences without spending a kings ransom. To spend $8,500 on a hockey tournament for your 12 year old seems a little out of whack! Can you imagine anyone of us asking our parents to spend that kind of money back in the day (1975-1995, inflation adjusted of course)??

It just seems like parents are more comfortable providing their kids with the "best that money will buy". Then again, if the money is not an issue and you can still keep your kid grounded, why not enjoy it??

Except they are 10. Makes your point even stronger.

Re: " the Brick"

my son was fortunate enough to play in "the brick" 15 or so yrs ago. still talks about it to this day as one of the most fun things he's ever done. its different for all kids i'd imagine. my son went on to play prep school sports, did junior hockey here and in canada and played hockey in college. that's a lot of hockey but truly still lists the brick among his most fun times in the sport. there are probably no less than 20 kids that played in that tournament in the NHL right now including one boy from his team who's a legit star in the league. countless others in the minors and who played college hockey at various levels. if you can afford the trip i highly recommend it, (must be even better now), it's a ton of fun, the production is top notch and the kids are treated like stars. if you have to take a second mortgage to do it, i'd say pass. it's a great memory and fun time but it comes at a price. for out family it was a great decision and wonderful memory.
just my opinion

Re: " the Brick"

Good for you and your kid. It might not be for everyone but it sounds like it worked for you.