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Re: New Hockey Dboard

I love ketchup
Union offered a full ride. Princeton offered grants and loans. End of story.

If this is true, it is a poor reflection on the student-athlete and his family. Did anyone force him to make his initial "commitment"? If you make a "commitment" and the school hasn't changed the parameters of the "commitment", you should honor it.

Character counts.
Oh, you mean like OW, the 7th Grader (2000) that was, at the time, the earliest NCAA commit ever, whose school (UMaine) and alum dad made a big deal out of, only to have him decommit a year later, while in 8th Grade, and commit to Harvard before he started 9th Grade? That isn't character?

These schools don't care about character. Even freakin' Harvard didn't care. If you can put the puck in the net more than the next kid the schools will find a spot for you. Go take a look at Frank Vatrone's "journey."

What does it even mean? So the kid is "committed" to Harvard before he even takes his first test in high school? Yeah right. Is the school even a party to this commitment, or is this the family PR machine?

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