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Youth Hockey
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Does it really matter

I read all these threads in my spare time to get a good laugh. Does it really matter where your kid plays as long as they get lots of ice time, great skill development program and an awesome coach with high hockey IQ to help the kids learn. Oh most importantly, the have a love and passion for the game! Let's be real...not many of them are going to play in HS, even less in college and certainly only the rare few in the NHL.

Too many "club teams" in hockey with watered down systems. Few good kids at each level playing a few great kids from another program. And if by chance your kids team truly has 4 lines of exceptional are not getting the type of competition that is they get complacent and stop working hard.

I think we (parents) have all gone "bat **** crazy" with these specialized teams and clinics. We all grew up playing with none of these pay to play teams until we hit our mid teens...and at that time it truly was for just the best of the best.

The only kid that will make it is probably the hard working "bender" that you all seem to pick on. This kid will know how to face adversity and work through it. No, don't have a bender or a star....just a kid that loves to play and I could care less if he plays club or town...sticks with it or retires his skates...just love seeing the smile on his face when he is on the ice

Re: Does it really matter

People just need to pay attention to the experience their kid is having. If your kid is advancing faster than most kids on his/her team it's time to seek out something more competitive. If they're happy where they are leave it alone. If you're fighting to get them to the rink it's time to try another activity.