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Re: Crimson Hockey Club?

FYI that the Crimson has like three teams total so they're really not a program. Stay clear.
A limited number of age groups being represented doesn't mean that it isn't a good choice for some families. If the coach is good it can still be a very positive thing.

Now, I've heard that some teams didn't deliver on promised ice and practice times last year. THAT'S something to be wary of. Be sure you understand what has been promised and leave yourself a back door.

Re: Crimson Hockey Club?

The owner's game is to promise ice at rinks that don't even know his name at, collect tuition then hide. Total scam artist which is why he has to change the program name every 2 years. Any good player or coach gets cycled through there quickly. He's been doing this for 10 years. Learned our lesson a long time ago with my oldest. Guy should be in jail.

Re: Crimson Hockey Club?

Anyone ever have a positive experience with this program?

Re: Crimson Hockey Club?

Do they have a 2004 team

Re: Crimson Hockey Club?

No 04 team. I'm told the bantam and midgets were ok the last few years but these teams imploded at the end of last year and there is nothing left. No youth teams and any older teams now have town c players. Stay clear. Also, programs don't make for positive experiences, great coaches and parents do.

Re: Crimson Hockey Club?

Yes they have an 04 team.