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49k registered players in Mass, 7 EHF programs. 19k registered players in NJ, 7 AYHL programs.

lets not kid ourselves... 15 EHF Clubs, 16 E9/BHL Clubs, probably another 6 MASS Premier teams. Vally league teams, SSC , Cape League, SNEHC. Lets not kid yourselves and think 49K kids are dying to be in the EHF because its just not true.

There are almost as many Tier 2 teams down south too. Look at how many NJ Colonials teams there are for each year. They have a similar system, but I would agree less "robust".


AYHL has too many teams and is watered down. EHF is a smaller league and has been able to maintain a higher quality overall.

I may be wrong but I think it is the other way around. AYHL has a larger foot print or at least fewer teams per capita ( incl competing leagues).

Exactly !!!!! You are not wrong .

Maybe more per capita population, but per capita hockey players it might be the same or maybe edge EHF. But you are right both high quality leagues.

I think AYHL has a top and bottom division, so that you get more games vs your division with teams closer to your skill level, but don't lose the opportunity to play each team at least once or twice, which is a nice model.