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Youth Hockey
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Re: Top Gun Pre-Season Classic

To Anon,
The funny thing about things like D board is it gives pansies, a false set of balls to write **** about 10 and 11 year old kids and their parents. However, If you are such a loser as to write something like that, then chances are those around you think you are as big of a douche bag as you came off in this thread. So my guess is that someone will let me know who you are at some point. When they do I will be happy to forward on the screen shot I made of this to your spouse, your employer, and the organization that your child plays for. If by chance you are self employed, I will be happy to forward this onto your competitors. I am sure it will do wonders for your customers to see what an ass they have been doing business with you miserable *******. The internet is a pretty big cesspool at times, but with ip addresses, and word of mouth things usually come out over time...