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Re: What happened to the twins

What ever came from the twins from Lynn. Mom called the newspaper when they scored 100 goals each in mites or something like that. Though they were going to be the next great ones.

Nothing. They moved on and still play. Last season they played on the second vipers 02 team. Most of that group is playing for the 1/2 vipers U14.

They are pretty normal, average hockey playing kids with a crazy mom.

Re: What happened to the twins

Op here. That's good. I was hoping they were still around. I wasn't looking for negativity.

Re: What happened to the twins

Viper seem to be a good fit for this family. "Yo, how you doin?"

This lady clearly did not go to college because she never got the 20-year-old behavior out of her system. Either that or she did and the boys in the fraternity loved her!

I can't believe that these kids are not going D1 given they scored 200 goals at the might c level?