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Re: 05 E9 Parity

Hockey observer
As an observer, with no ties, but many years experience as a coach and a player, I am amazed at how ignorant and uneducated the youth hockey community in New England is.
I have the pleasure of watching and consulting, meeting with youth hockey players and coaches, but the majority of people who are involved with promoting youth hockey in New England (notice I did not say teaching) have absolutely no clue, and in fact are driving New England hockey backwards!

What does this have to do with E9 parity? Interesting take...start a new thread.
Well, my take on what he is saying is that most parents think that wins and losses in individual games define a team's capabilities. When hockey people evaluate a team, it isn't based on the scoreboard. It's based on how well coached, the overall level of talent, the cohesiveness of the parts. In a parity round, the team that gets placed in the higher bracket should be the one that is likely to be the most competitive by the end of the year.

Playoffs, different story. Of course, in a playoff format only the scoreboard counts.

All this obsessive behavior of this league vs. that league, attaching meaning to this team beating that team just makes you look foolish. They're kids.

That's what I understood him to be saying.

Re: 05 E9 Parity

Great action in Pool B - terrific games and high level of play with Jr. Sharks, Riffles, Glades and Lovell Knights. Fun to watch. In Pool A, RI Saints and Wizards looked strong and are probably the only two contenders. Today's games should be fun to watch as things shake out and teams vie for the 2 spots in E9.