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Re: 05 Wizards Elite???

The Wizards lost just about every player from last season due to they brought in a new coach. Half the team followed the old coach to the Boston Jr. Rangers, two players went to IHC and one player went to MMF. The Wizard organization made the change for no good reason and now the team is 0-5. They scored 3 goals and gave up 30 goals against weak competition. They played one tough game all weekend.

How's is a transfer of half team allowed? Aren't there E9 bylaws to prevent this? What a joke E9. I thought the E-fed only allowed 2 player max? Shame on the E9 allowing it to happen for BJR cash. Shady.

Re: 05 Wizards Elite???

No, not at all. I think the perfect scenario is your kid is on the second line. Not the worse player, but being challenged enough to get better. I think if your on the third line, maybe not such a great decision.

But I hear what your point was and I agree.

Re: 05 Wizards Elite???

Can someone post link having a hard time finding results from 05 super series tournament

Re: 05 Wizards Elite???

Same as Red Rangers

Re: 05 Wizards Elite???

The entire youth program is a mess. At one time this was a destination. Now a dumping ground for friends and family. Look at the coaching list. Most never played a shift in highschool.

Re: 05 Wizards Elite???

Wow wow wow. They should ask to play in the 06 divison. Either that or go back to learn to skate. It will be a long year for this team

Sorry your kid got cut