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Re: WTF just schedule cross over games during season

Judge Wapner
Let start where we all can agree - We can all agree that suburban Boston teams dominated this past weekend. It was obvious we have better programs, coaches, players than the rest of the Northeast/Mid-Atlantic. Flyers are the only team from this past weekend that showed anything - and they draw from an area 4 times the size of 495 beltway.

A reasonable person would also agree that there are teams in the EHF that don't belong in the EHF as well as teams in the E9. Reasonable people can agree that both leagues are watered down with weak teams and weak players.

We all know this when the spring comes along and the best players can play with and against each other that we have amazing talent and insanely competitive games. How about those games against Blue Chip's and Lightning the past few years? Awesome hockey and its right here!

It to bad that the best teams in the EHF and E9 cant play each other. We all are losing out - we can agree with that.

I completely disagree. Sounds like your kid cant make it in the FED. Sorry your kid got cut...