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Re: E9 vs EHF

Might be a stupid question and one with strong opinions but which is more competitive the E9 or the EHF?
You're right, it is a stupid question, because it only comes up oh, 20 times a day.

Use the search utility or just scroll to any one of many threads on the topic.

i think he could have put it a little nicer but this is the Dboard so you need to expect a little insult with your questions. But over all he is right because there are a couple dozen of this topic along the board so yes search those out and you will get your answers.

Re: E9 vs EHF

There are typically 3 very good teams at each birth year in the EHF- the rest of the EHF might as well play with the top e9 teams from each birth year. The REST of the E9 might as well play with the Higher division of the BHL. The REST of the BHL might as well play town hockey

Re: E9 vs EHF

Thanks. The answer I was looking for and the conclusion I was coming to. Thanks.

Re: E9 vs EHF

The BHL National Division is better than EHF Tier 1 White.....not that it's saying much really.