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Youth Hockey
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CT hockey

Is the CT Riverhawks club considered "Town" up there?
They used to have a pretty good 04 team (few years ago) and I was curious where those kids matriculated to? Does that area commonly feed into MFF program?

Secondly, regarding the perceived pecking order in CT, does MFF get an insane number of kids at their tryouts (03 through 05)? Or are families smart/skeptical enough to not even try their luck?

Lastly, is there a belief that some Oilers kids could make/contribute on MFF, or do the Oilers just get the next best group of kids? Is the separation that clear?

Re: CT hockey

Oilers get the group of kids the it after the next group of kids .

Re: CT hockey

Don't know who the Riverhawks are but they sound mean. I don't see them on myhockeyrankings so not sure where they play.

My take on MFF is that there 04 tryout is more or less an invite to kids who could stand to play for that coach. The team is picked before they hit the ice.

I think the oilers is made up of independent kids who want to play more than just town tier 2 hockey. Haven't been to SONO ice house yet but it must be nicer than the old Crystal Ice Palace.

Re: CT hockey

Surprised no Oilers kids brokered deals to join MFF. There are some pretty good players on the Oilers who could contribute on that MFF team. Instead MFF reached down into NY and NJ for their additions.

Perhaps the Oilers (a good team in their own right) are content with their team; an oddity in youth hockey.

Re: CT hockey

Our team has played the Oilers. They are a well coached team and have had success in the AYHL.
Kids and families seem to really like their team.

Re: CT hockey

Not surprising at all. Dad coaches at MFF with kids that wouldn't make Oilers.

Re: CT hockey

You're saying coach's kid on MMF wouldn't make Oilers?

Re: CT hockey

It's a silly comment most likely made by one of the clown coaches the Oilers overpay