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Re: Lets solve this problem we call Watered down Mass. youth hockey...

I hate to interject reality but the top 4 E9 programs aren't that great. They would be mid pack EHF teams for a majority of them. Realistically you would probably have to take the top 6 EHF teams and then maybe the top 2 E9 teams for debate sake.

I wholeheartedly agree with this. I'd also strongly consider the Vipers to this special list. They have been dominating Tier 1 and would certainly be in the top 6 EHF Elite, for most years. (Important note: I am not a Viper parent/coach - this is just simply my objective observation, as a non-biased person).

Can we please stop with the Vipers being Elite.They got crushed last weekend.

They actually did okay, with several close losses. The "Super 8" league could look like this:

-Top 5 EHF Elite
-Top 2 E9

Lmao too funny ok well enjoy your close losses and Tier 1. I'm sure you'll dominate Tier 1 yet again. Have fun