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Re: Skate Blades -


All the recent chatter about skate sharpeners I thought I'd post about blades, the actual steel blades. For years I just keep the steel blades on my kids skates that they came on them when they were new. Most of the skates were in the $200 - $300 range as the kid was growing pretty fast and I never saw the need to go higher in price.

One season the kid broke a blade and I went to the hockey super store and started asking questions for a replacement. The shop was out of the cheap-o, stock, same as you get on the skates when you buy them blades so I went up to the next level in price & quality. Real, actual steel blades, the kind you see on the $700 skates at the store. $50-$65 a pair and the difference was astounding! Legit real steel! Didn't need sharpening as often, stayed straight longer, actually made the kid higher off of the ice as they were a bit taller (if that makes sense), held an edge longer, sharpened faster, lasted now the first thing I do even when we get him new skates I swap-out the blades & sometimes we get $25-$30 credit for the soft junky steel ones.

Anyone else have this same thought?

Yes. The guys at Bauer store passed that tip on to me. However I keep the crap blades and my son uses those for pond hockey only.

Re: Skate Blades -

We do the same (although it's a bit more than $50 - $65, maybe it's Sr vs. Jr?). If you look at the LS4 blades vs. the stock LS2 that is even in Bauer's higher end boot, there is so much more steel that it's worth the extra coin. Of course, that will only matter if your kid isn't growing out of his boot every 12 months.

But, you should be aware that not every blade is the same. The LS4 and LS2 have the same profile. The LS3 doesn't.