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Re: Girls playing boys hockey

What age do they go full time with the girls teams
The short answer: upper level (college) coaches guide a girl should move from boys when they no longer dominate the upper boys team.

My added thoughts as I have a daughter now in HS, who played with the boys FT until after her first year squirt, then the town offered a U12 girls team. I have coached girls (and boys and had girls on boys teams) for several years (club and town) and currently HS (I use a ‘name’ here so I should be recognizable).

Your goal should be the same as the boys: have them loving the game when they enter HS. Yet, especially dads, are convinced to achieve ‘glory’ girls must play against boys. That is very short-sighted, for it overlooks an important piece of the hockey experience: the locker room. That is where bonds are made. Those 30 minutes pre-game then post game are an important part of the experience. This area more than any other will dictate whether your child moves forward. Unlike parents nearly all players are fully aware of their ‘standing’. So a good locker room experience will keep a current middling player around, hopefully to grow into an upper one or at least have a great life time exercise. [an aside: this is where too many coaches ruin it with either lengthy tedious pre-game plan chats or afterwards with rants instead of pointed comments and then a simple ‘we will work on this together at the next practice’].

So a girl on a bantam team, dresses alone, waits outside for coach (to remember) to let her in (for the pre-game speech), does that awkward walk in looking (praying) for a seat all the while all the boys stare at her to settle in. Then afterwards, she undresses in solitude. No banter. No ‘remember that play’. No teammate to pick her up after a bad game or give a shout out for a good play/game. a/k/a NO FUN.

That is why once your daughter joins a girls team she will never go back, the locker room is now fun.

To ease your fears:
Unlike even just 10 years ago there are plenty of competitive opportunities for girls on all-girl teams. Nearly every club organization has teams at every level (Warriors a noted exception), the Wizards had 5 at the U14 level. Most towns either have a team or have co-op’d with another (especially at the U12 and U14 levels). Most hockey camps have girl only offerings.

While the club league(s) is just as ‘messy’ as the boys. But there is a very well run town level league (which should be emulated by the others): Middlesex Yankee Conference girl’s hockey. It is very large about 160 teams with some of the best area teams. The Valley League has been constantly attempting to ‘dethrone’ them with no success, why? They are run more like club: no weekday games, no early mornings or late nights. The president is VERY communitive and available (she is at EVERY playoff game and you can’t miss her: she signs in the players and all games are held at the Arlington rink). If you have sheets available she will buy them for games. If you have conflicts she will blackout times or days. I worked with her for several years, such a difference v the Valley or [insert club league here].

Why should you care about ‘town’ hockey? Unlike the boys, the girls club teams appear to expect, rather demand you play town: their motto seems to be ‘the more hockey the better’. So you go to that ‘town’ team and in walks club after club player. My last two U14 teams had 15 skaters, at least 12 were club players (you name it, I had it). It gets better. It appears many/most town organizations are so ‘interested’ in getting girls out of their boys teams they make all kinds of concessions including: reduced price, goalie are free and good/flexible practice ice times. So my players were playing 3 games on the weekends (2 club, 1 town) and had 4 practices during the week (2 club, 2 town). Those town games were great as you would often play against your line mate from club. The intensity level for ‘bragging’ rights had many upper level town games rival tournament games. AND unlike boys that shun the lower level player, girls tend to ‘cheer them on’. They will pass to them because that is the play NOT he sucks let me ‘do it all’.

Now the bonuses: The amount of ice my daughter was offered her final U12 and both U14 years was insane. First club, then her town team THEN because town teams are often short players you play with the U14’s (when a 12) then that club line mate asks you to her skate for her town game, oh add in middle school, wait the boys peewee coaches often ask for ‘help’ from our upper players.

Field hockey and lacrosse girls HS coaches relish ice hockey players. Outside of certain powerhouses nearly all field hockey and many lacrosse players are new to the sport when they go to HS. Field hockey coaches drool over the ice hockey player’s aggressive, rejection of pain (yes, that stick and ball hurt) and (frankly) acceptance of being yelled at. Obviously it greatly helps if your child shots righty. If you play ice hockey D then for lacrosse: can’t catch, throw – they don’t care. While not the best assignment my daughter ended up ‘face guarding’ the opponents top scorer. BTW never touched a lacrosse stick until day 1 of tryouts and never in the off-season.

So by moving her now, you not only get her to play HS ice hockey but two others as well.

What should you do now? Start talking with the town team. Most coaches are always recruiting. I would expect them to have you practice with them, the play some games, then… all without additional costs. Then start searching out club teams. You can expect a similar theme.

ABOVE all remember girls are not boys, as they age girls need to be ‘guided’ not ‘demanded of’ to continue a sport. Good luck.

This is hockey, not War and Peace - OMG

Re: Girls playing boys hockey

Love it. Criticism for thoughtful answers.

Re: Girls playing boys hockey

Love it. Criticism for thoughtful answers.

well its beatcuff's fault for not realizing this is the 'kiddee' board where responses are limited:

'sorry your kid got cut'

'your kid is a bender'

and the classic

'have mom sleep with the coach'

and the hot topic is

'which 09 team is elite'