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Youth Hockey
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Re: improving skills

Play with your kid. When home watching the B's, get on your knees and play net while he stick handles and shoots off you with the mini sticks. get your stick and pass the puck/ball back and forth (if he can catch a pass from u, he can catch from his teammates) Talk to him/her about positioning while watching, how they move the puck up the ice, crash the net, etc. your kid will get more out of spending time with his dad while working on skills then he will paying $35 a session on xtra skills.

Re: improving skills

I actually like that advice - for a Mite. By second year Squirt, he probably will be a little old for that.

The key is edgework. Slow, methodical edgework to build the muscle memory. The problem with that is, it's boring for younger kids.

It's also a bit of chicken and egg thing, too. If he is a good skater, he will enjoy the game more. But, he's too young to know if hockey is really his thing, too, so doing skills could be a waste of time and money.

You'll probably have to mention generally where you are located to get recommendation on skills.