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Re: E9 04 Level

Patrick Roy
Organizations should be honest with themselves. Talking to you Rangers! For the betterment of the league and your own team , you should of opted into BHL. Sea coast did just that for 2 seasons & should be applauded. They have now fielded a competive team . (Hopefully)
As for teams who made it , congratulations! Stepped up when it mattered!
Really feel bad for Glades , a very good team and E9 worthy. I can only assume the travel caught up to them. AVP was also unfortunate but you can't take anything away from teams who made it. Avs , Wizards , Warriors are all solid teams and organizations and will ultimately pay the price , hopefully they fill the gap by participating in strong tournaments.

We should rename this thread "E3 04 Level". Hopefully at least BA improved and there is a fourth semi-competitive team.

Re: E9 04 Level

Maybe BA will be better. Maybe the rifles will have picked up supporting talent and be less of a one player show. Maybe seacoast, boch and warrior selects are good enough to make the jump up and compete. Lots of maybes at this level, hopefully it works out and it's not a two team show like last year.

Re: E9 04 Level

maple syrup
Glades, Knights and Patriots would all be better in the E9 than those teams. Glades will be much better than the Boch team even though they lost to them. Saw the Knights play and they are better than they were last year and they were in E9 last year. They lost 1 game so far and it cost them E9. Patriots without top player, that makes a big difference. BHL American would beat most E9 teams as OP stated. Patriots, Knights, Glades, Bruins, 95 Giants etc... to say E9 is false, most of those teams would not be in if they had to play to get in.

No team at any level should be grandfathered in. The system is a joke.