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Re: 2004 Q standings

Flames already in. Paid and locked down.

Other 2 EHF bids up from grabs.

Mid Fairfield in too

Re: 2004 Q standings

So it's IHC as the likely 1-seed, and then one other team.
Who gets it, and when does committee decide - mid-December?

Re: 2004 Q standings

Last year terriers bought ticket this year flames (if true) so another tourney watered down?

Re: 2004 Q standings

I think the upper end of the tournament will still be's just the bottom third of the field that'll be sort of blah. Last year there were at least 4-5 US teams from outside the Top-25. Some clubs have annual bids regardless of how good they are, so you'll see some of that this year as well.

Over the years, fewer European teams are willing to come over, and there's less interest from Canadian teams as well (outside Quebec of course).

Canadians will tell you it's been watered down for years. For some, the experience is worth it.....for others, a waste and unnecessary expense.

Re: 2004 Q standings

Good thing Flames bought in, not making it on ability based on current standings. Don't understand why teams buy in, I know it's supposed to be a great experience but some things should be earned not bought. I also love the parents that when their kids team doesn't make it they seek out a team to put them on the brag about how they are going and then ask other people to help pay for their kid to go by "fundraising" on go fund me!

Re: 2004 Q standings

After the 10/2/16 games:


Re: 2004 Q standings

After the 10/16/16 games: