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Re: Stars/Jets..the real story...

i ThinK it"S tiMe To repLacE tHe 'SHifT keY" oN tHe KeyBoArD.

Re: Stars/Jets..the real story...

My child likes it there too. I do like the people they brought in to run the non-hockey side of it. The skills are still great and I like some of the new coaches. I hope they keep it going. They seem to really be working at it.

Re: Stars/Jets

Did someone say 6k?!!!!! Our team beat them all season last year and we pay $2300!! Our practices are amazing, players are developing, team is winning couldn't ask for more!! Who pays that much $$ for youth hockey ! MAkes more sense to pay town and invest in skating lessons and summer camps!

Re: Stars/Jets

$6k? Do they have a team coach style bus and full team equipment like the Junior teams that charge $6K?