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Re: Stars/Jets

There are many different ways to develop players. As to how Max did in the NHL, how many guys around running programs or posting on this board here actually make it to that level? Just getting as far as he did is something that 95% of the players playing and the 100% of the people posting on this board can't do.
I hope the program you are in is doing an amazing job for your kid. There are a number of programs out there and something for everyone.
First, you have NO idea what athletic background parents here have.

Second, you aren't paying any parent here $6 large to teach your kid how to play the sport. it is completely relevant to talk about the professional background of the people charging that kind of coin.

There are people teaching hockey in the area that are producing and working with current D1 players and pros. There are three that are being hired by NHL teams to develop their assets.

Then there are Max and Igor.

Re: Stars/Jets

Their U14 team isn't even in the Premier division in the MPDHL. And yet they are going to try and justify that price tag. Stars organization is a joke and always has been.

Re: Stars/Jets

why play premier when you can be Max Pro$.....

Re: Stars/Jets

it's all about icetime and what you can afford to pay. If you can't afford 6k, then yeah i get it go somewhere else, but if you are looking for the same ice time you get at the jets/stars, you'd need to spend that anyway, that is if you are actually committed to having little johnny get better, otherwise just stay in town hockey and pay 1,300. Leagues don't matter, unless you want them to matter. EHF/E9, good competition and the families that play in those leagues spend way more than 6k to keep up, but to leave the stars/jets just get in that league and play for a team like the jr bruins, wizards, eagles, just nonsense. Stop trying to tell the stars/jets families how stupid we all are. The people in the program know how much it costs and what we get out of it. Leagues are nonsense, it's all about skating, skating, skating. btw, that 02 team has 11 skaters, how many skaters on your team? Fighting for ice time much?

Re: Stars/Jets

I know a couple of families on that U14 team and their kids love it. From what i heard, they chose the Elite Division because they were light on numbers and wanted a good training experience. Makes sense to me. The kids are getting plenty of ice time and the training is getting them ready for high school. They have a few good players on that team who can play in any of the leagues.

Some people are about the e9/ehf leagues and all the trappings of that. You go to this program for development. It's that simple.

Re: Stars/Jets

I call BS no way 11 families pay for this nonsense at the 02 level

Re: Stars/Jets..the real story...

i know it has a bad reputation but i can tell kid went there and got a lot better. great skills. many of the kids go onto E9/tier 1 programs and are well prepared. it's a great transition program. if you are on a lower team (a BHL select or elite) team and want to get better, this is a good place to go. it's for development and that's what it is.

we did both the 3k and 6k versions over a few years. the lower tuition is same as ll the other programs. the 6k teams is designed to be ALL INCLUSIVE. 2 1.5 hour practices and a 2 hour skills session and dryland plus 3 tournaments. if you add it all up ala carte from other programs, you'd pay more. this is for kids who are serious about really getting better and they put in the work. they aren't finished products but will work at it.

at the older age groups Bantam and above, the league (the old MPDHL is now hte New England Premier Hockey League is very good). My kids played in the Boston Hockey League and the MPDHL at the older ages is better.

they brought in a couple of guys last year to run the business side who know what they are doing. they added some teams this year. they know what they are and they don't pretend to be more than about developing kids and they give you 2 paths to get there.

people should check it out before they make blanket statements. the old Boston Stars are gone. i'm glad we were there and we moved on when our kid was ready to go but it was a great experience.

Re: Stars/Jets..the real story...

i ThinK it"S tiMe To repLacE tHe 'SHifT keY" oN tHe KeyBoArD.

Re: Stars/Jets..the real story...

My child likes it there too. I do like the people they brought in to run the non-hockey side of it. The skills are still great and I like some of the new coaches. I hope they keep it going. They seem to really be working at it.

Re: Stars/Jets

Did someone say 6k?!!!!! Our team beat them all season last year and we pay $2300!! Our practices are amazing, players are developing, team is winning couldn't ask for more!! Who pays that much $$ for youth hockey ! MAkes more sense to pay town and invest in skating lessons and summer camps!

Re: Stars/Jets

$6k? Do they have a team coach style bus and full team equipment like the Junior teams that charge $6K?